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Meet Amanda: Artist. Explorer.

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No, that big photo up there isn't me. Chances are, you guessed that already—but let me tell you a story:


That’s a picture of my grandmother that I took for my first film photography class in college, and it’s still one of the best photos I’ve ever made.


Not because it’s technically perfect, but because it perfectly captures the way my grandmother always looked at me. She passed away on February 27, 2010, and I miss her every day. But every time I look at this photo, it grabs my heart and lets me travel back in time to relive a sweet moment with her that I might otherwise have forgotten.


That’s what I get to do every day as a wedding photographer—make photos that you will look at later and remember THAT moment as clearly as if it was yesterday. That tell your story and celebrate your relationships in whatever awesome, non-traditional, beautiful and/or badass way you want.


I’ll also take pictures of rings with no fingers in them, plus place settings and other stuff you never thought about until you started wedding planning (escort cards, anyone?). But my favorites are those spontaneous, unexpected shots that aren’t off any list—the ones that, even years later, will transport you back to that amazing moment again and again.


That’s the true power of photography, and it’s what got me hooked in the first place.


Ever since my first photography class at The Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD), I knew I wanted to keep taking pictures. A few years later, I walked away with countless drawings, a BFA in painting, and a deep and lasting passion for photography.


So if you've looked through the photos here and read this far, we should probably hang out so you can tell me a little bit about yourself—and your incredible partner. Email me right now to set up a time for us to Zoom and get to know each other.


And then if we’re a good fit, I’ll travel anywhere in the U.S. to shoot your wedding.


Thanks for reading all this stuff. I hope to meet you soon.


Based in the metro Atlanta area. Providing wedding photography services to North Georgia and all of the Southeastern states.