Jeanette and Joey | Stylish Downtown Washington, DC Wedding

Charlie: [singing] Day…Day Man…Fighter of the…Night Man…Champion of the..
Dennis: [also singing] …Sun!
Charlie: You’re the master of karate…
Dennis: And friendship! For everyone.
Charlie: Day Man…
Dennis: Oooh-ahhhhhh!
Charlie: Fighter of the Night Man…
Dennis: Oooh-ahhhhhh!
Charlie and Dennis: [together] Champion of the sun…oooh-ahhhhhh. You’re the master of karate and friendship to everyone…

-It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia

Today I’d like to introduce you to Jeanette and Joey.  They were married just before Christmas in the incredibly stunning Holy Rosary Church in downtown Washington, DC, on an unseasonably warm, but super windy, Saturday afternoon.  Since you’ve already seen a photo of them, I don’t even have to tell you how cool they are.  But what you can’t see in that photo is how incredibly nice and funny they are…. ok, maybe you guessed that they’re pretty funny from that quote up there (btw, they told me that anything from It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia would be fine… so I just spent 30m combing through several webpages looking for something to use that was ‘appropriate’, totally spit coffee all over my desk, and now I gotta go watch that show!)  This year has been a really awesome year, and I’ve met a lot of really amazing people and celebrated a lot of weddings.  One of my favorite things about this year has been that so many of my clients included their dogs in their wedding celebrations.  Any time a couple tells me they plan to include their pooch in the wedding day, I smile and relax, because I know it’s going to be a fun day (and there will be lots of great photo ops.. ha ha).  Jeanette and Joey even selected the luxurious Hotel Monaco hotel to get ready in so that their two dogs could be with them.  Now that’s cool.  Enjoy the photos.

And that is how Jeanette and Joey had the best day ever, surrounded by all their favorite people and pups.  Thanks so much to Jeanette and Joey for being the most wonderful people ever and choosing to have me be a part of your story (and for the way cool coffee mug).  And thanks to your family and friends for all your hospitality and help on wedding day.  You are all amazing.

Jeanette and Joey’s Creative Team

Venue – Holy Rosary Church (
Jewelry – Etsy (honggaijewelry) –
Dress – Jasmine’s Bridal Shop
Shoes (Bride) – Butter
Shoes (Groom) – Forzieri
Suit (Groom) – Kenneth Cole

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