Agnes Scott Engagement Photos | Kira and Rae

Today I’d like to introduce you to Kira and Rae. They’re getting married soon and they wanted to make their engagement photos at Agnes Scott College in Decatur because that’s where they met. We managed to choose a very pleasant sunny and relatively warm winter afternoon to meet up on the deserted campus and walk around visiting all their favorite spots. Agnes Scott is such a gorgeous campus, and I could honestly do an entire shoot in front of the one building we stopped at. My favorite thing about visiting Agnes Scott with alumni is hearing how much they loved their campus experiences. It almost makes me think I might have goofed up by choosing that silly art school instead of this clearly amazing institution. Although, on second thought, I met my wife there, so I’m good. As we walked around campus, Kira and Rae had some really wonderful stories to share about their time at Agnes Scott (and some great dance moves), but the best part is that they found each other here. Congratulations Kira and Rae!

Amanda Summerlin



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