Tucson Turtle Pond Family Photos | Brooke and Roy

One of the first things that happens when you become a professional photographer is that you are instantly and perpetually bombarded with marketing for an astonishingly bizarre array of photography gear and accessories. “Hello new photographer, would you like this fantastic camera, this bottomless camera bag, this piece of Tupperware for your flash, and all of these fancy shiny things that probably have something to do with making photos?” There’s so many apps and plug-ins and filters and editing shortcuts available, many of them to help you make your subjects’ eyes POP! They really want you to pop a lot of eyes.

I’m telling you that because I want you to know that I have not purchased any eye-popping filters or plug-ins. As you look through these super fun photos of Brooke and Roy and their munchkins having a happy morning playing around at the President’s Turtle Pond on the University campus in Tucson, you may notice what I noticed, their eyes are absolutely stunning. All four of them have amazing eyes. And it’s all them. I enhanced nothing. I feel like it was important to point that out, because sometimes people give me credit for things I didn’t do and they deserve all the credit for their beautiful eyes.

Anyway, that was a weird tangent. It’s been a few years since Brooke and Roy’s gorgeous wedding here in Norcross and it was really fun to catch up with them and spend the morning petting turtles, racing across the lawn, and climbing on rocks. They’re a family that laughs a lot together, and that’s the best kind. After our morning adventure, we all headed home tired and thirsty. Not a bad way to start a weekend.

Amanda Summerlin



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