Piedmont Park Engagement Photos | Sylvia and Manny

Today I want to introduce you to Sylvia and Manny. They are getting married in the fall, so we met up a couple weeks ago to take advantage of the gorgeous winter light in Piedmont Park.

All of us southern folks tend to hide inside when the temps get below 50. Which means we miss out on the most gorgeous sunlight of the year. But if you step outside and look around in the afternoon in January, you’ll see rich golden light that makes all the surfaces dance like they’re covered in warm diamonds. And all the shadows are a cool cerulean blue. That’s why I always try to talk folks into winter photos.

In addition to having the prettiest light, it’s also great cuddling weather. And these two are expert cuddlers. They braved the chilly afternoon and got in a few miles while we explored the park to find all the best pockets of winter light.

Congratulations Sylvia and Manny! See you again in the fall.

Amanda Summerlin



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