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"Treat everyone you meet like God in drag." - Ram Dass


This isn’t your typical photographer Frequently Asked Questions page. You're not really wondering what brand of camera gear I use, or if I prefer natural light or off camera flash. You're really just wondering if it's gonna suck. So to ease your concerns a bit, I made this list to let you know what it’s like to spend a day with me.

You will love having me as your wedding photographer if:

You know all the words to the marriage ceremony in The Princess Bride.

You think posed pictures are boring and lame.


You want a photographer who will take more pictures of your grandmother than the centerpieces, but still make the centerpieces look good.


You want to make art but don’t know how.

You make art and want to be the art.


You hate getting dressed up.

You love getting dressed up.


You love books and movies and stories and totally get lost in them.

You know everything is going to be all right in the end.

You think pictures should be held in your hand and hung on walls, not just downloaded.

You are passionate about things, whatever they are.


You love dogs.

You love cats.


You see beauty in simple things all around you.

You are a detail person.

You want to hire someone who can handle any situation so you don’t have to worry about this one thing.


You believe that people have the power to be amazing.

You wish that more people would realize they could be amazing.

You want to know someone who thinks you’re amazing.


You’ve never hired a photographer before.

You hired a photographer before and were uncomfortable the whole time.


You need reassurance when there’s a camera in the room.

You want a photographer who won’t lose their cool, no matter what happens.


You believe equal rights are for everyone.

You believe Black Lives Matter.


You believe that love is what makes a family.

You like people who say please and thank you.

You are kind.


You want to look good — really good.



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