Big Sur Elopement Photos | Christlyn and Erik

Today I want to tell you the story of Christlyn and Erik’s magical elopement on the foggy summer shores of California at Big Sur. Christlyn and Erik met a few years ago “while working on a feature film set that was being shot in a small town just outside Columbia, SC (where we both lived). This was my (Christlyn’s) first job in the film industry and I couldn’t have been more excited to be there! Erik, on the other hand, was kinda the opposite. He had been working on movies, television shows and commercials for a few years now and was honestly not happy with how low the pay was for this particular job. That didn’t stop me from bombarding him with questions about where I should go to film school and how to make it in the industry…etc. Over the next few days, I continued with my endless questions and Erik shared his knowledge. I think the moment I realized that I really wanted to be friends with this guy was after he showed a few of his short films. I realized what a talented filmmaker he was. And thus, our friendship began… but, it would take Erik another 6 months to finally ask me out (he’ll tell you he was just nervous).”

And that’s how their adventurous partnership began. Just about a year ago, while on another adventure hiking at Grandfather Mountain, Erik proposed. In short time, it was decided that their wedding would be their biggest adventure yet. Christlyn and Erik picked Big Sur as the spot for their elopement, found a cozy cabin on the banks of a mountain stream, and rented an adventure van for a weeklong camping trip through Yosemite. Oddly, when I offered to ride along to Yosemite, they said they had it under control. However, they very kindly invited me to join them to document their wedding day, and it was a great honor to be a part of such an intimate and perfect day. Congratulations Christlyn and Erik!

Christlyn and Erik’s Creative Team

Hotel:  Ripplewood Resort
Videographer:  Whitney Justesen
Flowers:  Paeonina Flowers
Dress:  BHLDN
Suit:  Express

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