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Today I want to tell you about how amazing dogs are. And also how amazing Nicholas and Workman are. One of the main reasons that I adore Nicholas and Workman so much is because they adore their dog Hazel so much. An important thing to know about me and my photography is that I have more photos of my dogs than anything else in the world, including weddings.

Other things I’ve noticed about Nicholas and Workman that make me adore them unabashedly are, in no particular order, the way Workman makes everyone feel so loved and seen, the deeply thoughtful and kind way that Nicholas approaches everything he does, the way Workman looks at Nicholas, the way Nicholas lights up whenever Workman is around. Also, their sofa matches Hazel, and that is goals. Oh wait, my dog is gray and my sofa is gray too. Feeling successful today.

Being a small part of their world for the past few months has made me see the world with kinder eyes, and I am grateful to them for that. One of the things I’ve heard people say is that you should try to be the person your dog thinks you are. These two have nailed it.

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