Goals and Cats: How Pet Photography Can Change Your Life

“If you don’t know where you are going, any road will take you there.” -Cheshire Cat


Well, that title might be a little overstated. But it’s still got some truth in it. A while back (172 days ago actually), I made the mother of all lists, a list of 101 things I planned to try to do in 1001 days. And while I haven’t mentioned it much since then, I’ve been working on that list pretty hard.


A lot of people struggle with the pain of trying to figure out their path, or what they want to be when they grow up. Even if you happen to be lucky and know what you want to be, it’s really easy to slip off your path in life.


It’s easy to let a few years slide by without even noticing that you haven’t been doing the things you meant to do. Or a decade.


That’s why I had to make the list right away when I heard about it. Because I knew that I needed to stop letting things slide. Writing a big long list and putting it out there on the internet is pretty motivating.


And what you’re looking at right now is #47 on the list: Make a portrait of the cat. Hey, they can’t all be backpack in Alaska solo kind of goals. Sheesh. Besides, our cat is really hard to photograph. There’s never been a more skittish animal.


Not only that, but she’s this perfect Zone 5 gray, so it’s next to impossible to make a photo of her in any room in the house using only available light. But it just so happened that I have the seamless set up in the studio for all the photos I’ve been making for the website graphics. And I happened to have a big bag of those yummy Temptations kitty treats she loves so much.


So when she came home from getting her fluff and puff today, she thought she’d hide in the studio. And things just worked out.


Thanks for stopping by. I hope you enjoyed meeting Pixie The Cat.

Amanda Summerlin

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