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“Beauty is not in the face; beauty is a light in the heart.”  -Kahlil Gibran

Jessica’s Bridal Portrait Session

The quote above almost doesn’t seem appropriate at first… that is, unless you know what I know about Jessica.  Because it’s quite obvious at first glance that she is simply gorgeous.  But if you spend a little time around her, and you happen to mention the name “Jayson”, you will see a distinct change come over her.  She literally glows when she looks at him, or even just thinks of him.  What’s just as neat, though, is that he’s the same way about her.  But don’t tell him I noticed or he might be embarrassed.

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Bridal portrait black and white

Anyhoo, we’re moving backwards in time a bit here on the blog today.  I would have posted this last Friday if I had been in town, or even if my hotel had had an internet connection faster than molasses going uphill.  I mean, it wasn’t dial up, but it sure wasn’t gonna break any speed records either.  But I was really excited about these photos, so I wanted to be sure to share Jessica’s bridal session with you.

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While the people who say things tell us bridal sessions are a bit old school, I’m actually a big fan of the bridal portrait session.  And not just because I get to make an extra set of gorgeous portraits either.  You see, frequently, a wedding gown is a complicated piece of equipment.  There’s buttons and clasps and zippers and hooks and rivets and zip ties (shhh.. the boys were believing me…. some of the girls were too).  Having a trial run with the wedding gown, and the shoes, flowers, hair and makeup can be very informative.  Helpful, even.  After all, how many times have you done this before?  Unless you’re Elizabeth Taylor, probably not too many.

Bridal portrait photography

Bride portrait session

Bride portrait photography

Plus, there’s a slower pace during an individual portrait session that is just not possible on a wedding day.  I mean, while we try to carve out time on the day of the wedding, there’s always something that has to happen next, so you have to be constantly moving.  It’s nice to be able to just slow down and savor the excitement and apprehension of being married… soon.  And guys, just because the people who say things tell us that it’s usually brides that do this special portrait session, don’t think it’s not a good idea for you to do this too.  Just an idea…


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