Traveling Lessons: Photos And Observations Of Life On The Road

Road trip

“I love to travel, but hate to arrive.” – Albert Einstein

On The Road Again

There’s something special about road trips.  The freedom of the open road.  The sound of the wind roaring past your windshield.  Your foot pressed solidly against the accelerator, propelling your glass and metal box along at death defying speeds across minimally maintained manufactured artificial stone surfaces.  Long distance driving is so relaxing.

Road trip 10


The best thing about road trips is the opportunity they provide to learn things, providing one is open to the experience and doesn’t spend the entire time yodeling along at peak volume to the 80s playlist on one’s iPod.

So, although I do admit spending a significant portion of the trip vocally enhancing the work of Eddie Vedder, Mark Knopfler, and Emmylou Harris (and correcting their lyrics as needed), my mind is always open to learning opportunities as I travel.  Here are a few things I learned this weekend.

1.  Pay attention to the exit number when you stop for lunch.  It might be the exit you are looking for.

2.  The most aggressive vehicle on the highway is a family minivan driven by a man.


Road trip 9



3.  Coffee is an essential ingredient in a successful road trip, if you define successful as “getting there”.

4.  Pistachios are really yummy.  No, seriously.  Those little things are tasty.


Wear sunblock



7.  When riding in groups of 4 or more, motorcycles are required to ride in the left lane.  They are not allowed to pass the Winnebago in the right lane.  They are required to ride beside it for a minimum of 20 miles.

8.  Motorcycles go slower if it’s cold outside.

Skull on motorcycle

9.  Madrid is in Alabama now (probably something to do with the economy).

10.  It’s hard to look bad ass on a robin’s-egg-blue motorcycle (that’s probably something to do with the economy too, actually).


Road trip 2


And so concludes our road trip lesson for the week.  Feel free to share your own road trip observations in the comments.

Tune in next week for wedding photos from Cleveland, Georgia and then for road trip photos from New Orleans.  Oh, and wedding photos too.  😉


Road trip 8


Amanda Summerlin

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