Announcing The Second Annual Just For Nice People Wedding Photography Giveaway

Win free wedding photography in the 2013 Nice People Free Wedding Photography Giveaway

Get your Nice Hat on, it’s time to play!

Goooood morning!  This is the announcement you’ve been waiting for.  I’m sure of it.  Otherwise, I wouldn’t have stayed up half the night last night putting the finishing touches on this stuff for you.

So, in celebration of sleep deprivation everywhere, I’d like to formally inform you that The Second Annual Just For Nice People, Kick-Ass Free Wedding Photography Giveaway begins today! (You know, I really like how moving the comma around in that title makes it mean different stuff.)

And here’s the super-cool banner we made just for you to pin, pin, pin!


Win free wedding photography in the 2013 Nice People Free Wedding Photography Giveaway


Just click on the banner to go to the giveaway home page and read all about how it works.  If you’re getting married this year, and you don’t have a photographer yet, what are ya waitin’ for?  This is your chance.  And if you’re not getting married, but you know someone who is, forward this info to them and sit back and let the good karma roll in.  To get even more karma points, post this on Pinterest and Facebook for others to see and share.  And for no karma points whatsoever, but an occasional good laugh, follow my Atlanta wedding photography blog or Like my Facebook page, or just hang around and read some of my snarkiest blog posts.  You weren’t really gonna get anything done today anyway.  Speaking of wasting the day, it’s nap time for people who only got 3 hours sleep last night.  Sees-ya!



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