Molly and Eric (and Cooper too!) | An Awesome Engagement Session

savannah georgia engagement photo in square

Engagement Photos with Molly and Eric in Downtown Savannah . . .

People getting married is what we talk about around here all the time, but have we really talked about what getting married is?  Because that’s actually pretty awesome.  Getting married is about making a family.  You marry someone because you want them to be a part of your life always.  And when you marry them, they become a part of your family, and you become a part of their family.  You know someone is special when they can look at your family, even the ones that sit on the porch with a shotgun and a cup of sweet tea, and say to you, “I can be a part of that”…. or maybe, “I love you enough to let your Great Aunt Wilma pinch my cheeks every time we go to dinner at your parents’ house.”  Because love is big and happy, and finding the right person to spend our life with makes us want to be better in every way we can.   Love makes us beautiful.

Today I want to introduce you to Molly and Eric, who will be married this summer on Tybee Island.  They are sweet and happy and funny, and I hope you will be able to enjoy their photos, but I’m afraid that you may not notice them as much since Cooper kind of stole the show.  You’ve actually met Cooper and Molly before, when they took a chance on a newbie photographer a few years back and let her make Cooper’s newborn photos (thanks again, y’all).

We met up in gorgeous Calhoun Square in downtown Savannah on a Sunday afternoon and hung out for a little while soaking up the sunshine and playing with Cooper.  It was a great way to spend a lazy Sunday afternoon, and it really shows in this set of photos.

Did you notice that next to last photo up there?  I had to include it, because it’s something all of us are longing to see… Spring!  It’s almost here.  It’s made it to Savannah, and it’s creeping oh-so-slowly north.  So I want to say an especially big THANK YOU to Molly and Eric and Cooper for not only being so much fun to hang out with that you made my cheeks hurt, but also for inviting me into the bubble of spring that has surrounded your beautiful city.  I can’t wait to spend the day with you guys for your wedding.  It’s going to be amazing, just like you.

Amanda Summerlin



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