Christen and Jonothon’s Charleston Engagement Photos

charleston engagement photograph

“In wine there is wisdom, in beer there is Freedom, in water there is bacteria.”  ― Benjamin Franklin

An awesome afternoon with Christen and Jonothon in Charleston

Seven days, five states, three engagement sessions, two weddings, one portrait session…  and a bunch of blog posts (well, eventually).  Our ‘Seven-Five Adventure’ starts in Charleston, South Carolina with Christen and Jonothon, who both have such a deep love for their city that they kept me fascinated with interesting facts about the history of the city for the entire afternoon.  We met in the afternoon at Philadelphia Alley, also known as Dueller’s Alley, and which is apparently very very haunted, what with all the people who met their fate there in honor duels.  There’s even a conveniently located cemetery right next to the alley… clever, right?  And Jonothon said the alley was also a hang out for Benjamin Franklin, who just happens to be one of my favorite historical figures.  We were having such a good time hanging out that we stopped to have some drinks and sushi (c’mon, it was kinda hot), and then we headed to the waterfront and circled around to the very appropriately named Rainbow Row  before we wrapped up for the day.  Take a look at our adventure.

historic charleston sc duellers alleycharleston sc engagement pictures

And that, internet pals, is how Christen and Jonothon and I enjoyed a beautiful spring afternoon in Charleston.  They kept me laughing so hard the whole afternoon that, frankly, I’m just relieved that these photos are in focus.  Thank you both for being so much fun to hang out with, and for keeping me entertained with neat stories about Charleston.  I’m really looking forward to seeing you guys again later this year!

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