Brooke and Roy’s Engagement Session in Tucson

sunset engagement picture in tuscon arizona

Photo shoots in five states in seven days.  So far, we’ve been to South Carolina, Ohio, and Alabama.  The next leg of the Seven-Five Adventure brings us to Tucson  Arizona to make engagement photos with Brooke and Roy.  You first met Brooke and Roy when they were finalists in our Nice People Wedding Photography Giveaway.  Even though they didn’t take home the grand prize, make no mistake, these two are incredibly nice and as awesome as two people can be.  Not only that, but Roy has a mischievous streak that you’re really going to enjoy (heh heh… you’ll see).  Roy arrived with a special goal to create a photo shoot within the photo shoot, which kept Brooke cracking up all afternoon in spite of herself.  Not only are these two incredibly funny and smart, they’re pretty fond of their city and took me to some really cool locations.  We met up at the restaurant called Bison Witches where they had their first date and had a tasty late lunch before making a few photos of the scene of the crime and heading out for a rocking tour of Tucson.  Our first stop was an older section of Tucson called Barrio Viejo with eclectic colorful homes.  While we were in the Barrio, we also made a stop at el Tiradito, which is the only Catholic shrine in America dedicated to a sinner…. actually, an adulterer, which kept Roy chuckling while we were there, amused at the irony of making engagement photos at a shrine to adultery.  Nevertheless, we all kept with tradition and made wishes and tucked them into the walls that remain of the old building… well, Roy wrote something down and tucked it in the cracks, giggling all the while…  After a quick costume change, we headed out to Gates Pass for some cool desert photos with awesome Saguaro cacti (cactuseses?) and sunset photos.  Although it was pretty cloudy, luck was with us and as we were about to give up and head to the car, the sun broke through the clouds and lit up the sky in an amazing sunset.  Wedding luck rocks.

And now that you’ve seen a bunch of pretty romantical pictures of this awesome duo, I bet you’re wondering what Roy’s special contribution was…. so just check out this video and you’ll know for sure that these are two people that you’d love to spend an afternoon with.



Now then, that was a fun fun fun day.  I really want to thank Brooke and Roy for being the awesomest people ever, and for giving me a whirlwind tour of Tucson   (Next time I plan a trip to Arizona, I’ll try to stay a little longer, ’cause it’s a really neat place.)  And I can’t wait to hang out with you guys again in November in Atlanta for your wedding!

Amanda Summerlin



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