Surprise Wedding Proposal | Getting Engaged in Piedmont Park

Just a couple of weeks ago, I was hanging out in my office with the dogs trying to get a little editing done when I get an email from a guy named Greg.  And Greg had a plan and wanted some help.  He wanted to surprise his girlfriend and propose to her on their next trip to Atlanta, and he wanted the whole thing on digital film.  Since I love a good caper, I was all in.  We worked out the details of how everything would go, and then it was all about the waiting.  And because I could hear in his voice over the phone how excited he was, I knew that it had to be torture for him.  But finally Saturday afternoon came and we all met up at Piedmont Park to have a nice casual couples portrait session with Greg and Ellen.  It didn’t seem that Ellen was especially suspicious, but it’s fair to say that she may have been slightly puzzled.  And Greg might have been just a tiny bit nervous, but he hid it well.  And because it was the warmest day of the year in Atlanta, the park was just packed.  Trying to find a quiet corner of the park for them was pretty darn tricky, but finally on the walkway down by the lake, the perfect moment arrived.  And Greg reached into his sock where he’d hidden the ring box (how totally clever is that?!?), and got down on his knee…. and well, you take a look at the rest, because it’s awesome.



Amanda Summerlin

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