Elizabeth and Jimmy | Dockside Wedding In Atlanta’s Piedmont Park

This is the story of Elizabeth and Jimmy, with a little bit about football.  Kind of.  You see, legend has it that they were watching football one night and Atlanta was playing.  There was a great sky view shot from a helicopter that swooped across Piedmont Park toward the Midtown skyline, and that was the moment they knew where they wanted to get married.  Or something like that.  I’ve been known to embellish.  However, the true facts are that Elizabeth and Jimmy were married in an incredibly beautiful ceremony at Atlanta’s Piedmont Park’s Dockside.  And then, after a short jaunt to Greystone, they proceeded to have a seriously fun party.  Oh, and if you’re keeping track of things like this, they also had the best photobomb ever right after their ceremony.  And because we’re sort of (not really) grown ups here, it’s just a short scroll away.  Enjoy!

Atlanta Piedmont Park Dockside Wedding-1

As you can tell, this was a really fun party.  There was so much love and joy for Elizabeth and Jimmy.  And I want to thank Elizabeth and Jimmy for having us be a part of your incredible day.  It was insanely fun to work with you both, and I want to thank you for your patience with me while we made those sky line photos.  Also, Elizabeth, I’m still really really sorry about your eye.  🙂


Elizabeth and Jimmy’s Creative Team

Hair and makeup – Jenn Humphries
Caterer – Endive
Flowers – Wilsons Limited
Live band – John Thrasher Band
Cake – Elizabeth Young – stepsister of bride
Dress – Anna Maier
Shoes – Sophia Webster
Earrings – Tiffany & Co.
Necklace and wedding bands – Michael E. Minden Diamond Jewelers
Second photographer – You Are Raven Photography



Amanda Summerlin

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