Canton Family Photos | Jess and Ron and Their Monkees

It’s my favorite time of year! Time to visit Jessica and Ron and their three awesome little monkeys. The best part about family photography is getting to see all the changes that have happened since the last visit. Emelia and Adele are growing up so fast, and so is Georgia. Now that they’re getting to be big girls, Emelia and Adele had a lot more patience for making photos and they were really interested in seeing what we made. We started out our visit in their playroom by getting a tour of all their favorite toys, especially the sit and spin, which they really should make in a big person size… just sayin’. After dad helped everyone get their shoes on, we headed out to the back yard for some hide and seek and tree climbing. Some piggy back rides and a few car rides down the driveway later, it was time for pumpkin carving. The night before, the girls had designed their pumpkin faces, and mom and dad had precut all the holes so that all the girls had to do was scoop the seeds and punch out the faces. (Notice the clever use of the drill and hole saw… totally stealing that idea.) Emelia and Adele weren’t especially impressed with seed scooping, but Georgia pulled up her baby sleeves and got the job done with a little help from mom and dad. After that, it was time for a little more fun with scooters and bikes, and then inside for snacks. Somehow, I have a feeling that certain little girls (and maybe even some big girls and boys) probably enjoyed their naps a little extra that afternoon.



Amanda Summerlin



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