Terminus 330 Atlanta Wedding Photos | Grace and Cooper

Today I’d like to tell you all about Grace and Cooper’s incredible wedding weekend celebration. On the first day, they had a very intimate wedding ceremony on the dock at the family farm. And then the next evening was their reception and dance celebration at Atlanta’s elegant and historic Terminus 330. Getting to know Grace and Cooper over the past few months has been a lot of fun. We have a lot of shared interests and our conversations have wandered wildly from growing fig-trees, best methods for fighting squirrels away from bird feeders, 4wd adventures, and Buffy (check out the head table, Buffy fans). One of the things I find most wonderful about Grace and Cooper is how well they complement each other. They’re very different, but they work very well together. Meeting their family and friends at their wedding celebration was equally wonderful. The toasts, in particular, were probably the most memorable wedding toasts I’ve ever witnessed. Grace’s dad took a moving moment to celebrate her grandmother, a Hiroshima survivor. And then came The Trinity (as I am now thinking of them), three childhood friends of Grace who proceeded to bring the house down with hysterical, and possibly not suited for public, stories of Grace’s younger years. Finally came a heart-felt and beautiful toast from Cooper’s childhood friend. So I hope you enjoy this set of photos because they were a blast to make. And congratulations to Grace and Cooper!

Amanda Summerlin



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