Waterfall Hike Engagement Photos | Ivy and Maria

Today I want to introduce you to Ivy and Maria. They’re getting married next summer. We met up a few weeks back and headed out on a hiking trail near their home hoping to find a waterfall and make some engagement photos for them. Not only did we find a waterfall, but we found lots of beautiful fall color, lush moss growing everywhere, and a fascinating cricket who was kind enough to let us stare at him for quite a while. And we were fortunate enough that the sun was warm and golden and gave us lots of fun spotlights dancing through the trees, which is probably my favorite thing. Ivy and Maria also bravely bushwhacked through briars and underbrush to make a lovely extended exposure photo in the creek to finish off the day. It’s things like this that keep me in awe of the amazing people who I am so lucky to work with. Congratulations Ivy and Maria!

Amanda Summerlin



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