Storybrook Farms Tennessee Elopement | Mackenzie and Susanna

Today I want to tell you the story of Mackenzie and Susanna’s dreamy elopement in the lush gardens of Storybrook Farms in Jonesborough, Tennessee. Mackenzie and Susanna actually went to the same high school, and then to the same college. It was in college that they started dating. A few years later, Sue proposed first by painting ‘Will you marry me?’ on the wall of their first apartment together. And then a few weeks later Mackenzie proposed with “a custom painted cooler I had been working on for months. I had painted various designs on each side and then painted “Will you marry me?” at the bottom.”

And that’s how we all found ourselves wandering the gorgeous gardens at Storybrook Farms on a lovely late summer afternoon making photography magic in the subdued light under the trees. Congratulations Mackenzie and Susanna. Thank you for letting me be a part of your amazing story.

Amanda Summerlin



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