Alpharetta Family Photos | Jen and Ray

Today I want to share some photos of the most gorgeous family of all time, Jen and Ray and their adorable munchkins Evangeline and Donovan. The first thing you’ll notice about this family, besides the fact that they are beautiful, is that their sweater game is on point. It’s chilly here in Atlanta right now (Fifty is chilly!). So I spent a lot of time admiring their sweaters while I edited these photos. The other thing that I’m all about is Donovan’s super blue eyes with that blue sweater. And this blog post might have a few extra hand photos. I can’t help it though. The tiny little people hands get me every time. I always make lots of hand photos with kids and their grown ups. Time passes so quickly and suddenly they’re big kids doing big kid stuff, and I just want to freeze these little details forever. Also, Evangeline is a supermodel and we had the best time making silly photos while Donovan had a snack. And that’s it for this stream of consciousness blog post. Thanks Jen and Ray for having me tell another chapter of your story.

Amanda Summerlin



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