New Orleans Engagement Photos | Kaitlyn and Blake

The final stop on my trip home was in one of my favorite cities I’ve ever visited, New Orleans, to make engagement photos with two very special people, Kaitlyn and her fiancé Blake. I first met Kaitlyn at her sister Moriah’s wedding with Kevin back in 2011. Quite honestly, I’ve been enamored with the entire family ever since, and this is what I wrote back then, “I can’t even begin to think of the right words to tell you how wonderful this family is. I have never met anyone as welcoming and loving as the people I spent this last weekend with.  Never in my whole life have I been surrounded by as much love as this weekend.  I would have pinched myself, but I was having way too much fun to do anything so dumb as that.”

And so I’ve been cheering them all on like that awkward seventh cousin who always drops in without warning to family dinner ever since. In the time since I met her, Kaitlyn has grown from a teenager into a strong woman with vision and passion. When she asked me if I would photograph her wedding, I was over the moon. Luckily enough, I was able to route my trip home through New Orleans so that we could make these photos before summer descended full steam ahead, and I do mean steam.

Meeting Blake was fantastic. Any man who is comfortable enough with himself to wear a well-behaved women t-shirt to his engagement session is someone I want to know. Right away I could see that they had a unique connection that was fascinating. I’m always trying to capture the different aspects of every couple’s relationship with my cameras, and these two kept me enthralled the entire afternoon. I could follow them with a camera forever.

Thank you Kaitlyn and Blake for asking me to tell a little bit of your story. I’m indescribably excited to make your wedding photos next year. And as Moriah can confirm, you’re stuck with me now.

Amanda Summerlin



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