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Caroline and Caleb | Best Wedding Photos At Naples, Florida Waldorf Astoria

Young Denis Thatcher: Margaret, will you marry me?
[a pause, Margaret stares at him]
Young Denis Thatcher: Well?
Young Margaret Thatcher: [Margaret is still staring, Denis kisses her hand] Yes. Yes!
Young Denis Thatcher: [Margaret starts to cry from happiness, Denis leans in for a kiss, but she suddenly pulls back] What?
Young Margaret Thatcher: I love you so much but, I will never be one of those women, Denis. Who stays silent and pretty on the arm of her husband. Or remote and alone in the kitchen – doing the washing up, for that matter.
Young Denis Thatcher: [interrupts] I’m going to help with that…
Young Margaret Thatcher: No. One’s life must matter, Dennis. Beyond all the cooking and the cleaning and the children. One’s life must mean more than that. I cannot die washing up a teacup! I mean it, Denis. Say you understand.
Young Denis Thatcher: That’s why I want to marry you, my dear.

–From the movie The Iron Lady.


There’s so much to tell you about how awesome Caroline and Caleb’s wedding in Naples, Florida at the Waldorf Astoria that it’s hard to know where to begin.  But I’ll start with this… You’ve probably never thought about it, but at your wedding, the vendors talk among themselves about your wedding.  Mostly it’s the hey-the-cake-cutting-is-gonna-be-in-five-minutes-are-you-ready kind of chatter, but sometimes we trade war stories or comment on the things that are going on.  At Caroline and Caleb’s wedding, the vendors couldn’t stop talking.  One thing they talked about was how much fun everyone was having.  And were they ever.  Even before dinner was served, people were on the dance floor dancing to the amazing play list Caroline and Caleb had chosen.  Another notable moment was when Caroline’s brother, Stephen, sang a special song just for the couple.  There wasn’t a dry eye in the house.  It was one of those moments where everyone’s hearts grew 3 sizes bigger.  And you know, I could tell you more, but there are all these photos I’m dying to show you, so I’m going to just direct you to the photos and let you enjoy them.

And that, my invisible internet friends, is how Caroline and Caleb got married and had the Best. Party. Ever.  Also, if you want to check out more photos of Caroline and Caleb, you can check out their engagement session on the beach of Naples, Florida from back in December.  To Caroline and Caleb and all your family and friends, I want to say Thank You.  Thank you so much for choosing to have me be a part of your incredible day.  Thank you for being so much fun to spend a really hot day in Florida with.  Thank you for everything.


Caroline and Caleb’s Creative Team:

Venue: Waldorf Astoria Naples, St. John the Evangelist Church
Ian VanCattenBurch, Videographer,
Max Weinberg, Black Tie Entertainment,
Katja Dietze & Louis Drakulich, Venice Photobooth,
Makeup/Hair: Waldorf Astoria Naples, Danielle
Caterer: Waldorf Astoria Naples
Invitations: Wedding Paper Divas
Dress: Debra’s Bridal Salon, Jacksonville, FL
Shoes: Badgley Mischka




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