Cator Woolford Gardens Wedding | Annalise and Bill

Today I’d like to tell you the story of Annalise and Bill’s beautiful garden wedding at the stunning Cator Woolford Gardens in Atlanta. The absolute best part of my job is the amazing people I get to work with, and Annalise and Bill are people I genuinely want to know forever. And the best way for you to understand just how amazing they are is to let them tell you. In their words, here’s their story: 

“Annalise was fairly new to Atlanta. Looking make some new friends, she went on a hike with the Atlanta Outdoor Club. There she met Nora, who asked Annalise what other types of things she’d be interested in finding in the area. On a whim, Annalise said, “I’ve always wanted to try something like kickball!”

Not being an athletic person per se, and certainly not someone who is into playing team sports, this was completely out of character for Annalise. But Nora replied, “I have just the group for you!” and by the time Annalise returned home from her hike, Nora had introduced Annalise to Kate, the captain of a fun team in an adult recreational kickball league.

When Annalise got to the first game, she met the whole team, including Bill. Newer players to kickball are often placed at the catcher position because it’s a bit easier when learning the game all over again. So that’s where Annalise was placed. Bill was one of the pitchers on the team, so we would often be playing together.

Annalise noticed right away how much fun Bill always had when playing, and perhaps how much more fun he made it for everyone else around him. Even though our team wasn’t one of the best, or even close to the best, we were definitely one of the best for having fun and not taking it too seriously. Bill thought Annalise already had a boyfriend and Annalise thought for sure that Bill had to have a girlfriend, too. So for a few months, we both just assumed the other was not in the market for love.

After-game hangouts with the team and getting to know each other a little more, we realized we were both single and interested in one another. Annalise went to one of Bill’s improv shows, he attended some of her live literary performances, and then he asked her out on a first date! From that point on, we were pretty much head over heels for one another and have been a couple ever since.

As things were just getting started Annalise accepted a job back home in northern Minnesota. Knowing that things were special between them, they agreed to continue long distance and see how things went. Many flights and visits later, we knew we had something special and Annalise moved back to Atlanta to make it for real.”

And now in pictures, here’s the story of their wedding day.

Annalise and Bill’s Creative Team

Dog Helpers – Petmeisters
Dessert – King of Pops
Annalise’s Dress – Carrie’s Bridal
Bill’s Suit – Suit Supply
Frank’s Attire – Giddings Gifts
Birch candles – Annalise’s Stepdad Steve with help from her Mom
Invites, stationery, etc – Annalise (no vendor)
Florals – Kim Patrus
Officiant – Tommy Futch
Amanda Summerlin

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