Clearwater Forest Deerwood Minnesota Wedding | Sarah and Finn

Today I’m going to tell you a story about a boy and a girl who had to leave the country to find each other. Sarah and Finn met almost 8 years ago while abroad in London. In fact, travel has been a theme in their relationship. Over the years, they’ve followed each other to several states and countries. But one place has been a constant, first in Sarah’s family, and then including Finn, and that’s this beautiful lakeside camp in Deerwood, Minnesota called Clearwater Forest. It’s been the location of Sarah’s family’s summer home for decades, and soon after they began dating, Sarah brought Finn to meet the lake. It didn’t take long for Finn to fall in love with both Sarah and the lake, and so no other place made more sense to them to be married than right here at Clearwater Forest surrounded by family and friends on a perfect late summer afternoon in Minnesota. Take a look and see for yourself just how perfect. Enjoy.Clearwater Forest Deerwood Minnesota Wedding | Sarah and Finn-1-5Clearwater Forest Deerwood Minnesota Wedding | Sarah and Finn-1-8Clearwater Forest Deerwood Minnesota Wedding | Sarah and Finn-1-6Clearwater Forest Deerwood Minnesota Wedding | Sarah and Finn-1-9Clearwater Forest Deerwood Minnesota Wedding | Sarah and Finn-1-10

Sarah and Finn’s Creative Team

Venue: Clearwater Forest 
Wedding planning/coordination: Rocket Science Weddings and Events 
Caterer – Chow Girls Catering
Dress – Michelle Houglund


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