Downtown Washington DC Wedding | Amanda and Chuck

Today I want to tell you the story of how Amanda and Chuck were married in a powerfully intimate and moving Quaker wedding ceremony at the Friends Meeting House in downtown Washington, DC. Amanda and Chuck met at Hartford Monthly Meeting (Quaker Meeting) when they both lived in Connecticut. Their first date was watching college football with friends. It wasn’t long before they realized how much they enjoyed spending time together, and Amanda says, “Chuck is my best friend and is able to make every day and situation fun. There are thousands of little moments when I realized Chuck was the one for me. He is the most positive and grateful person. Honestly, every day we end up laughing together! “

Soon, they started talking about marriage, and Chuck made a plan to propose. “It wasn’t a huge surprise! Chuck and I talked about it for a while, and at the end of 2016, he invited my family, and one of our friends, to join his for Christmas. He went to his parents’ house early to ask for the ring, which was handed down from his great-grandmother. When I say it wasn’t a surprise, it was NOT a surprise… when I came up to New York, the first thing he said to me was “I got the package”. We went on a walk in the woods in Croton Point Park, where Chuck used to work as a lifeguard. He asked me to marry him on the edge of the water, in the freezing cold. It was silly and perfect.”

And that is how we all found ourselves together on a sunny summer afternoon in the nation’s capital with Amanda and Chuck, laughing and dancing and celebrating. Congratulations Amanda and Chuck!

Amanda & Chuck’s Creative Team

Dress: Cherry Blossom Bridal  

Shoes: Bella Belle 

Hairpiece: Twigs & Honey  

Wedding Rings: Ideal Cut Jewelers

DJ: Mike Blaufeld  

Cupcakes: Georgetown Cupcakes 

Florist: Twinbrook Floral Designs  

Groom’s Outfit: Suit Supply 

Amanda Summerlin

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