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Happy Valentine’s Day: Being Married Is Pretty Sweet

Newlywed Valentine Day

“The mark of a good marriage is when only one of you goes crazy at a time!” – Heinz Kohut


Catching Up With Melissa and Oliver:  One Year (and a couple of months ) After The Wedding

The past few weeks have been a whirlwind of work here at Mission Control.  This very small window of time between the last wedding of 2011 and the first wedding of 2012 has been filled with a lot of fine tuning and even some outright reworking of the very guts of my business.  There’s a zillion little things to be done to get ready for the new wedding season.  Making sure that I will do the very best work I can for everyone in the upcoming year has kept me in touch with a lot of people from the 2011 season, and hearing about how things are going for them in their new lives made me think that maybe I should do a post every now and then on our couples after they are married.  You know you want to know where everyone is now.  So I figured I should start by going back to the couple that started it all.  After all, we all know it’s pretty much all Melissa’s fault that I started photographing weddings.

Valentine s portrait 1

So this past weekend, I went to hang out with Mel and Oli at the barn where they keep their horses.  And we made awesome sunset photos with them and Illy, their dog, and with B.J. and Sonny, their horses.  They were also sweet enough to answer a few questions.  Here’s what they had to say.

Valentine s portrait of newlywed couple and horse

Dog and horse pet portrait

What is your favorite memory of your wedding day? Oliver’s favorite memory of our wedding is of his father yelling at the bartender at 10 AM for a round of shots of Patron Tequila for him and Oli. My favorite memory of the day was waking up and watching the sunrise on blue skies because it meant that it wasn’t going to rain and Plan A was a go. The night prior we had hellacious thunderstorms and I remember thinking to myself that I was glad to have a Plan B.

Valentine s portrait 8

Valentine s portrait 13

What is your favorite picture from your wedding (hey, this is a photography blog)? I think the hands down favorite picture is the Black and White photo of Oliver’s grandfather. We weren’t sure he would be able to make it, and we are thankful that he did.

Black and white portrait of grandfather  1

What are you guys doing now? Oli and I are both in school and working our asses off. Pretty much each night we come home and listen to Pandora Radio while we do our homework. Then we go to bed and do it all over again the next day. Things don’t really change much after you get married.

Valentine s portrait 6

Horse and dog pet portrait

What was the best thing you did, or the best decision you made for your wedding? The Venue. To have the ceremony and the reception in the same building was the best!  It cut down on the travel for the guests, and made made it easier to have fun in general. When you are in the same hotel for three days with a large group of people the staff become part of the party and they get to have fun too! The next best decision was to have the send off on our bright yellow scooter, we got a lot of confused looks from everyone on the streets of Athens that day – it was GREAT!

Valentine s portrait 20

Valentine s portrait 21

Valentine s portrait 19

Do you have any advice to other couples planning their wedding? Only invite people that you REALLY want to be there, not who everyone else says just HAS to come. Try not to get bogged down in the stress of planning and remember that ultimately it is about you and your fiance. Don’t forget to have fun and enjoy the time together with your best friends and family.

Valentine s portrait 16

And there you have it… Pertinent romantical advice for you on Valentine’s Day.  Use it well, grasshopper.

Before we go, I want to thank B.J. for being such a horse-ham for the camera.  The photos would not have been nearly as good if she hadn’t insisted I do things her way.  Not even kidding there.  That’s one smart horse.

Thanks Melissa and Oliver for taking a break from studying to hang with me and letting me torture you a little bit.  Happy Valentine’s Day!!


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