Houston Texas Baptist Church Wedding | Claire and David

“When you realize you want to spend the rest of your life with somebody, you want the rest of your life to start as soon as possible.” – from “When Harry Met Sally”

Today I want to tell you the story of Claire and David’s wedding at their church, Willow Meadows Baptist Church in Houston, Texas. Their wedding day started off with a blast of arctic air. Well, arctic for south Texas anyway. But the sun was bright and everyone’s smiles only got brighter and bigger as the day went on. 

When I asked them before the wedding how they met, Claire told me, “We were both invited to a pool party for the young adults at our church at the end of summer two and a half years ago. He has been working at our church for nine years, and my family had been attending for thirteen years when we finally, officially met. I was home for a break the Christmas before we started dating and my mother told me “You should get to know that David Hayes boy! He is so nice!” And I rolled my eyes and said “Mom! Get out of my love life! I don’t even live here”. Which just proves that moms know best I guess… After meeting at the party he Facebook-friended me, and we saw each other at choir, and started talking on Facebook messenger, and then eventually he asked me out, and the rest is history.”

It wasn’t long until they knew they had something special. Claire says, “…the first time I said “I love you”, I blurted it out at the end of lunch as he was leaving to go to work, after only three weeks together. Instead of freaking out, he grinned and said “I love you too.””

A few months later, after a sushi date and a walk in their favorite park, David gets down on one knee to tell Claire what’s in his heart. Right there in front of that lady and her three Chihuahuas, Claire says, “YES!” And here we all are.

So now you know, listen to your mom. You probably already knew that before, but really, you should listen to her.

Claire and David’s Creative Team

Dress by David’s Bridal
Veil by Claire Robinson 
Brides engagement ring by Aide-Memoire Jewelry 
Cake by Rhonda White of Oh My Soul Cookies and Cakes 
Bridal Hair and Makeup by Dulce Rodriguez of Faith and Beauty by Dulce 
Bridesmaids’ Hair and Makeup by Janelle Cook 
Flowers by Havilah Tran of Hava’s Heavenly Flowers
Post-Reception dinner – Birraporetti’s 

Amanda Summerlin

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