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Kitchen Sink Post

Photo of Tomichi Pass, Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park

Tomichi Pass, Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park

Good morning-ish, dear internet friends.  I’m writing this little note to you from 30,000 feet.  The flight tracker says we’re above Arkansas, which I wish someone would take the initiative and decide to either pronounce it the way it’s spelled, or spell it the way it’s pronounced.  The little voices in my head always argue when they see that word.  The loud voice that’s the bossy one (and a little bit snarky) always jumps in first and says, “Hey look!  Arr – Kanzas!”  But the other voice, the one that keeps me out of jail, says, “No, don’t say that.  People will think you’re a big dummy.  Say Ar-can-saw.”

Wait.  What were we talking about?

photo of dog in truck in colorado

Best behaved dog ever. Bethany and Jason’s wedding in Gunnison, Colorado.

newlywed picture in gunnison, colorado

Bethany and Jason in Gunnison, Colorado

Anyway, the little voice says to get back on topic.  So, I’m at 30,000 feet.  In a plane.  Yeah, I was tempted to try the weather balloon and lawn chair thing, but I only had a week to get to Seattle.  By now, you know that I travel a lot, but this August has been insane, even for me.  Somehow I ended up with only 8 days to spend in Atlanta this month.  Which is why you haven’t heard much from me lately.

view from jeep trail in colorado rockies

A view near Black Bear Pass, somewhere above Ouray, Colorado.

By the end of this month, I’ll have spent over a week in Colorado, several days in Pittsburgh, over a week in Seattle, and a few days in NYC.  And even though I won’t have a chance to sit down and properly blog everything that I’ve been shooting for another week or two, I thought I could share a few photos from all the things… I’m calling this one the kitchen sink post.

picture of jeep wrangler overlooking trail below

Forrest’s new bad-ass Jeep sits on a ledge. You can see the trail down below.

black and white photo at sunrise in colorado rockies

Beth and Forrest at sunrise in the Colorado Rockies.

That first photo up top is from Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park in Colorado.  The image is actually 5 or 6 photos stitched together to make one image, which is a lot of work to do.  First you have to select the photos with your pointer (Little Voice says that’s a mouse), and then you have to send the photos to Photoshop, where magic elves compare pixels and apparently argue for a while.  So while you wait for them to finish arguing about it all, you have to have a cup of coffee and check your Facebook page.  It’s pretty laborious.

black and white picture

Lucy cuts off all her hair to donate to Pantene Beautiful Lengths

The next couple of photos are from Bethany and Jason’s wedding just outside Gunnison, Colorado.  The dog belonged to one of the groomsmen.  He actually stayed in the truck all afternoon and just watched us run around.  It seemed only right to honor him.  Oh, and I took some photos of Bethany and Jason too.

black and white photo of couple kissing under dogwood tree sculpture in pittsburgh

Sara and Mike share a kiss under the dogwood tree sculpture in downtown Pittsburgh.

After Bethany and Jason’s wedding was over, I raced over to the Ouray area to spend a couple of days with Beth and Forrest, who have recently settled in Colorado after spending a winter exploring the Southwest.  You know Beth and Forrest already because we visited them for their destination wedding in Utah last fall.  And because you have wisely listened to my advice and followed along with their adventures by reading Beth’s blog 3UpAdventures.  Right?

photo of newlyweds at union project in pittsburgh

Sara and Mike share a kiss at their wedding reception at Union Project in downtown Pittsburgh.

Between my Colorado and Pittsburgh trips, I visited with Lucy, who had decided to cut off her beautiful long hair to donate to Pantene Beautiful Lengths to make wigs for cancer patients.  I couldn’t resist sharing that photo with you, because I just love the look on her puppy’s face in that shot.  It was a big day for the little guy.

After hanging out with Lucy, it was time to head to Pittsburgh and make photos with Sara and Mike for their awesome wedding.  Sara and Mike were gracious enough to make their day-before-their-wedding portrait session into a brief tour of downtown Pittsburgh, since I’d never been there before.  Turns out it’s a pretty cool city, as long as you like the Steelers.  No, really.  How ’bout them Steelers?

black and white head shot photos

Carrie and Alan offer themselves up as guinea pigs and let me make cool photos of them for fun.

And somewhere between some of my trips, I hung out with Carrie and Alan.  (Time really has blurred together this month.  I’ve lost track of what day it is.)  For the longest time, I’ve been dying to hang out with Carrie and Alan.  I met them a couple of years ago and we’ve stayed in touch on Facebook.  But it’s hard work achieving world domination, so we haven’t managed to get together.  After all, I’m traveling all over the country to entertain you, and Carrie and Alan (and some other people too) are developing an epic animated series called Kamikaze, which you should totally go check out.  After seeing what they’ve been up to, my mind is completely blown.

black and white photo of PBRs

This is a hint of what’s coming up soon… be warned… only people with well developed senses of humor (or is it sense of humors?) will appreciate this one.

This last photo is just a hint, actually.  I’ve got a special post coming that will either make you laugh your pants off, or make your skin crawl… one of those.  Although, honestly, I’m pretty sure you’re really dang cool, so I’m not worried.

And that, internet friendz, is a hint of the many things headed for your browser in September.  Oh, and my elaborate way of making excuses for being lame and not blogging more.  Later gator!




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