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Kitty and Lex | Fall Colors and Laughter in the Park

Hello Internet Friends!  Today I want to introduce you to an amazing couple who made me laugh and smile so much during our session that my cheeks still hurt.  This is Kitty and Lex.  They are getting married next fall, and I can’t wait.  But since time hurries for no woman, we must wait.  In the meantime, at least we can look at their awesome photos and read what they have to say about their relationship and wedding plans.

How did you meet?  Online.  Our first date was at Panera and Kitty was super late due to a washer/dryer delivery that took forever! We talked for 2 and a half hours and immediately scheduled a second date.

What was dating like?  Lex:  When I met Kitty, I thought this was a gal to date and take seriously, like old school serious because I wanted to court her. Courting Kitty was a lovely experience, the more I learned, the more I fell for this fabulous woman.

Kitty:  Dating was exciting and surprising, I thought the woman I really wanted to marry didn’t exist anymore and that I’d have to settle for less but what I learned was Lex was everything I ever wanted and more. We fell into an easy rhythmn and it was so natural and lovely.

Describe your proposal(s!).  Lex to Kitty:  I started planning a month out and couldn’t wait to execute my plan. I enlisted the help of Kitty’s cousin Jessie who was awesome the day of which also happened to be Jessie’s b-day. I picked rose petals and arranged them in a heart in my apartment. I also arranged Disney books of virtues. I also made a scrapbook fairy tale which told the story of our dating. Kitty walked in to music playing and read the fairy tale which had a DVD for the proposal (the movie) inside. I walked out and asked her to put the DVD in the case where her ring was. I got down on one knee and asked her to marry me.  She said “Of course”.

Kitty to Lex:  I enlisted the help of my sweet friend Lauren who is a dancer to arrange a flash mob which by the proposal just became an awesome choreographed dance. I also got Lex’s minister and church friends in on it. Lex was teaching vacation bible school and on the Thursday of that week, I’d asked her to have lunch. When we got back to my car, I asked her to go into the church. My co-conspirators set up chairs for us and Lauren and her dancers started the dance. It ended in an instrumental version of “All You Need Is Love” in which I stood up with cue cards I’d made with my proposal on them. This was an homage to Love Actually, one of Lex’s favorite movies. She said yes and we celebrated by making things Facebook official.

How would you describe your relationship?   Lex:  A bit of a rom-com but enough of real life mixed in that you don’t think we’re fake.

Kitty:  It’s like we’re married old biddies already and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

What’s your wedding going to be like?  A romantic affair full of awesome playlists, great food, great people and a dance party worthy of Soul Train footage.


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