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Leslie and Marcus: Atlanta Engagement Session

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Two engagement sessions in one week. Wow. You might not realize this, but editing engagements sessions is kind of hard, because you get all misty while you’re looking at the pictures… then the screen gets all blurry…. you have to take a break… find a tissue… it just takes a while to get them done.

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And this session in particular has me extra misty because this special lady is my super cool cousin Leslie. I’m not just saying she’s super cool because she’s my cousin either. She’d probably be pretty cool even if she wasn’t related to me, but she got lucky.

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The truth is, before yesterday, I hadn’t seen Leslie in a really long time. I left home like my heels were on fire way back when, and while I miss my family, I don’t go back to visit much. She did pretty much the same thing, except she went to the other coast, so we’d been off each other’s radar for a while.

engagement session atlanta 7.jpg

But thanks to facebook, the website we love to hate, Leslie and I have reconnected and realized that we have more in common than blood… and that’s really cool.

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Leslie has always been beautiful, though I don’t know if she realizes it. She’s also one of those people that is even more beautiful on the inside. It’s a cliche, but it’s true.

engagement session atlanta 3.jpg

I thought she’d be fun to photograph, and we’d been talking about having a photo session once her tattoo was finished, but when she had her birthday and got engaged all in the same week, I sent her a message that said, “Girl, no more chit chat, let’s do this!”

engagement session atlanta 5.jpg

We were planning to have her engagement session in Savannah later next month, but life works in strange ways, and she found herself in Atlanta with her fiance, Marcus, for one day this week, and everything just worked out the way it does sometimes.

engagement session atlanta 23.jpg
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We met at Highland Bakery for breakfast and, over coffee with white powder and tofu scramble, we chatted and laughed. I have to say, Marcus showed real bravery for surviving a breakfast chat with three women who have no internal editors. He only looked like he wanted to crawl under the table once or twice. He’s definitely a keeper.

engagement session atlanta 20.jpg
engagement session atlanta 24.jpg

There are so many great photos, it’s really hard to narrow down which ones to share with you. Guess when they’re getting married?

engagement session atlanta 11.jpg
engagement session atlanta 12.jpg

These two were so happy and adorable that I’ve been smiling non-stop since yesterday. And it really has been a little harder to process these photos. I can’t help it, I’m really just so happy for them. Life is pretty hard sometimes, and we all have experiences that challenge us, sometimes more than we think we can bear.

engagement session atlanta 13.jpg

But I think that if we didn’t have the sour…

engagement session atlanta 15.jpg

…we wouldn’t appreciate the sweet.

engagement session atlanta 16.jpg

These two have found the sweet in life. And I think they know that.

engagement session atlanta 17.jpg

Congratulations dear cousin. And welcome to the family Marcus. It’s an honor to have you with us.

engagement session atlanta 2.jpg

One more for the road.

engagement session atlanta 25.jpg
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