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Madison Children’s Museum Wedding | Becca and Katie

Today I want to tell you the story of Becca and Katie’s romantic rooftop wedding and whimsical reception at the Madison Children’s Museum in Madison, Wisconsin. Becca and Katie met a few years ago in medical school. Becca says, “Katie and I were part of the same extended friend group in medical school. We were always trying to find each other at the library for “study breaks” even though neither of us would normally study at that library. Becca was very shy, and Katie was very persistent. By this time, we had gone on a few dates that Becca wasn’t aware were actually dates, including when she took Katie out on her birthday to cheer her up. We finally started dating before our finals were over that semester because we couldn’t focus without talking about how much we liked each other.  We spent the night before our last final slow dancing in one of the library study rooms.”

It didn’t take them long to figure out that they were perfect together. “We both knew about one month into our relationship (Becca was aware at this point that we were dating) that we wanted to be together forever. We have learned from previous relationships that we need a significant other who needs to constantly be talking and reflecting on what we are thinking and how we are feeling. We want the exact same things out of life, both in our careers and in our future family. Everything is better together.”

And so they got engaged. “Becca proposed to Katie outside the restaurant and bar where we had our first date (the place Becca took Katie on her birthday mentioned above). It was really cold and rainy, and Becca had to try hard to keep Katie from running to the car. Becca also had to shoo drunk people away from the restaurant/bar stoop so she could finally propose in peace.”

On the morning of their wedding day, Becca and Katie got ready together in their hotel room with a few friends and family and then we walked the two blocks to the state capitol grounds to make a few photos. After successfully avoiding all the obstacles that a city park can offer to maintaining pristine wedding clothes, we walked to the museum, and the rest is history. Or photos. Or both. Anyway, it’s all here, so enjoy. And congratulations to Becca and Katie!

 Becca and Katie’s Creative Team

Katie’s Wedding Dress – Casablanca from Vera’s House of Bridals

Wedding Hair (Katie) – Lexi from ANiU Salon and Spa 

Wedding Makeup – DIY by Katie

Becca’s Wedding Suit – Jazzman 

Caterer – Upstairs Downstairs 

Cake and Desserts – Madison Sourdough 

Alcohol – Roman Candle 

Wedding Flowers – purchased from Costco, DIY by Becca’s Mom

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