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Marion Massachusetts Wedding | Meredith and Dave


Today I want to tell you a story about a girl who played hockey and a boy who played football who were married in a beautiful village near the ocean. Meredith and Dave were married at Wickenden Chapel at the Tabor Academy in Marion, Massachusetts in a ceremony that was beautiful and tearful. As Meredith told me before the ceremony, “My family cries. A lot. About everything.” It’s true. And it was very very adorable. However, they also laugh. A lot. And the toasts and the dancing at this wedding were legendary. Here’s their story.

How did the two of you meet?

Meredith and Dave first met at a dance in October his junior year and her sophomore year at Colby College. He walked her home from the dance and their paths didn’t cross for a few months.
Mer and Dave met again at a party in February 2011 with other football and ice hockey teammates. They started dating that next week.


How did you know this was “the one” for you?

Dave: I knew Meredith was “the one” for me when I realized I could not imagine going through life without her by my side. We have had rocky moments, like every couple, but not once during these moments did I ever not want to be with her the next day. She supports me and pushes me to be a better person. Without her, I would be lost; and anyways, if you can survive living in a tiny, overpriced apartment in Boston with someone and still want to spend every day with them, it’s pretty clear that they are “the one”. 

Meredith: I’ve always been really shy, but when I’m with Dave he pushes me out of my comfort zone to try new things and be more outgoing. I knew Dave was the one after we had been living together for a few months. He is so caring and thoughtful and does everything he can to make me happy every day. I can’t imagine not spending the rest of my life with Dave.


How did you get engaged?

Dave searched for the perfect ring for months and finally made a decision in October. When it arrived, he drove to pick it up after work one night in early November. He was planning on proposing when they went on a weekend getaway to Portland in December but could not contain his excitement and wait a month to ask Meredith so he decided to propose in their apartment while they were watching a movie.

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Meredith and Dave’s Creative Team

Ceremony Music – Atlantic Strings, LLC 
Reception Venue – Bay Pointe Club
DJ – Cape Tunes Disk Jockeys
Hair Stylist – Karma Salon
Ceremony Venue – Wickenden Chapel At Tabor Academy
Limousine – Town Car Travel
Bus – Fisher Bus, Inc. 

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