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Moriah and Kevin: New Orleans Wedding Photography

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“We are all a little weird and life’s a little weird, and when we find someone whose weirdness is compatible with ours, we join up with them and fall in mutual weirdness and call it love.” ― Dr. Seuss

Moriah and Kevin’s Day-After Wedding Photos in New Orleans’ French Quarter

New orleans destination photography 2

Today we’re traveling back in time a bit.  These photos are from a couple of weeks ago.  You remember Moriah and Kevin and their awesome amazing New Orleans wedding.  This is their day after portrait session.  (We’re going to have to come up with a cool name for these sessions…  any ideas?)

New orleans destination photography 3

So, Moriah and I had this big plan about going to the park to make photos.  There’s this gorgeous huuuuuuuge park in downtown New Orleans called City Park and we’d gone over on Thursday morning to scout it out for cool spots and made a plan for their session.  Easy peasy.

New orleans portrait photography french quarter

New orleans destination photography 4

So, as we’re leaving the park, I innocently ask Moriah and Lynei’ (Moriah’s super awesome friend who coordinated the wedding and did an amazing job and should totally do it for a living) if there are any events happening in the park that they know of this weekend that might interfere with our shoot.  And they’re both like, we haven’t heard of anything.  And I’m like, cool, cause it would really suck if they had a marathon or something that morning.

New orleans destination photography 9

La la la…  you know what’s coming.

New orleans destination photography 5

So, on Saturday morning, we all decided to sleep in a little and meet up mid-morning at the park.  At the hotel, I leisurely pack up my stuff and check out with plenty of time to drive down to the park.  I check my map to make sure I think I know where to go.

New orleans destination photography 6

3 Up H

Sometimes it’s a lot of work to get that one magical shot.  You know?  But me & Kevin, we’re tough.  We hung in there.  Seriously, he’s a pro.  He never cracked.

New orleans destination photography 7

New orleans destination photography 8

Anyway, did I mention that City Park is ridiculously large?  So I totally end up at the wrong end of the park.  And I’m driving and driving and looking and looking, but I’m not finding where I should meet them.  So I call Moriah for directions.  About the time I get her on the phone, I come up on a traffic jam with some cops directing traffic.  But I’m not really paying too much attention to the cops and traffic, because right then I realize I’m in the right spot and I’m like, Hey!  I found it.  And Moriah and Kevin are running a little late, so coolio.  And while she and I are chatting on the phone, I’m still sitting in this traffic jam and I start to look around.  That’s when I see them….  Hundreds of people running with little numbers pinned on them.  Hundreds.

New orleans destination photography 11

It’s a flippin’ marathon.  Doh.

New orleans destination photography 13

Quick change of plans.  Let’s go to the French Quarter.

New orleans destination photography 14

But, hey,  it’s not exactly like the French Quarter isn’t completely amazing or anything, ya know?  Spending a perfect fall morning in the coolest city in the world with the coolest people in the world is pretty fine.

New orleans destination photography 15

And so we met up on Esplanade (I learned it rhymes with ‘lemonade’.. no silly accent, thank you), and we started exploring.  Moriah and Kevin were so relaxed and happy, I wanted to hang out with them all day.  So when they said, let’s go to lunch, I was like, heck yeah!

New orleans destination photographer

New orleans destination photography 16

We met up with Moriah’s sister and cousins and a couple of her bridesmaids at the yummiest restaurant ever and had a great lunch.  After lunch, it was time to hike back to our cars, which were by then about 37 miles away.  As we passed by, this guy wearing a funny vest and standing in the middle of the streets says to Moriah and Kevin, Hey, can you come over here and take a look at this?  With that, the show was on.

New orleans street performer magician

New orleans street magician

New orleans destination photography 18

This magician was super funny.  And he sounded just like George Carlin.  Which is probably why I thought he was funny.  I even googled him and found this youtube video.

New orleans destination photography 19

Here you have two jerks…. bah ha ha ha ha.

New orleans destination photography 20

New orleans destination photography 21

New orleans destination photography 22

New orleans destination photography 23

New orleans destination photography 24

He totally tore this newspaper up into a hundred pieces and then unfolded it again, completely intact.  Check out their faces.  Especially Kevin’s.  He’s probably figured it out by now.

New orleans destination photography 17

And then the show was over and the hike was on.  Kevin would have given me a lift, but his car was only a two seater.  Ah well.  Them’s the breaks.

Thanks again to everybody for being so unbelievably amazing and fun.    And I still have one more set of New Orleans photos to show you sometime next week…

Hope y’all have a great weekend!

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