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Nice People Kick Ass: Free Wedding Photography Giveaway

Awesome Things Are Afoot On The Interwebs

Hey Internet!  Today is a big day, and not just because you can smell the weekend from here.  A couple of really awesome things are happening today and I want to share them with you.

The first awesome thing is that I’m a featured sponsor on A Practical Wedding this afternoon.  So hello to all our new friends from APW.  It’s good to have you here.  I hope you’ll stick around and get to know us a little bit.  Oh, and if you’re reading this and you don’t know what APW is, you really should go check them out.  They are one of the coolest blogs on the internet.  They are wicked smart and talk about weddings at the same time.  That’s.  Amazing.

Ok, so the second big thing…. like you haven’t already scrolled down and looked at that giant poster.  This is totally big.  I’m giving away free wedding photography to the world’s nicest couple.  I’m looking for that couple that everybody thinks is the nicest thing since warming up your slippers in the microwave (omg, don’t even pretend you’ve never done that).  There’s no need for the couple to have suffered any misfortune or tragedy either.  I mean, if they did, then they did, but that’s not what this contest is all about.  I’m really just looking for you guys to help me find someone who always takes care of everybody else so that we can do something nice for them.  Because nice people should get more cool stuff.

So, do you know a guy who drove hundreds of miles in the middle of the night to shovel snow off his fiance’s parents’ driveway (true story)?  Or a girl who always pays the toll for the next car in line?  Or a girl who shoveled a lot snow?  Or a guy who pays tolls?  Tell them about this giveaway!  Or just enter them already!

And though I think it should go without saying, just to be clear, this contest is open to all couples about to have a ceremony to express their commitment to each other.  Straight weddings, gay weddings, courthouse weddings, elopements, gay or lesbian commitment ceremonies, and heck, if you’re renewing your vows too(yay you!), all are welcome to participate.


The just for nice people, kick-ass, free wedding photography giveaway post.


So click on the poster and head straight over to my website to learn how to enter this free wedding photography giveaway!  And if you’re not getting married, be a good samaritan and share this on Facebook or Twitter or somewhere.  You never know, you might be the person who helps someone score free wedding photography and save a bundle.

Oh yeah, if you haven’t done it already, go like my Facebook page too.  Pretty please.  I promise I won’t fill up your wall with a bunch of junk.


One last overshare.

Between you and me, this whole thing was a lot more work than I expected it to be.  I thought I had scheduled enough time to work on everything, but there really is no way to predict how much of a giant sucking black hole of stolen time the internet can be.  Or software incompatibilities.  Or the bizarre random flights of fancy of the legal system.  This week I averaged less than four hours sleep each night.  I’ve played the movie Napoleon Dynamite 136 times to keep me company.  I am so tired I’m practically hallucinating.

Anyway, I told you all that so I could tell you this.  Today, possibly this very minute, probably even while you are reading this, I’m rewarding myself by spending the whole day in my jammies, rewatching Napoleon Dynamite for the 137th time, eating chocolate cake, and drinking a Big Glass of red wine.  Oh, and I’ll probably have a nap too.

Next week I’ll be back with tons of cool photos for you.  There’s family sessions, some neat things to do with your photos, and a good bit of personal work I’m getting caught up on.  It should be an interesting week.  Kind of like the week where I went from zombies to babies in less than three posts.

Thanks for stopping by!  Hope y’all have a great weekend!

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