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This post is a little personal. For it all to make sense, we have to travel back in time a little ways. Back to the panini and the quarantine. By the time quarantine rolled around, things were a little dark in my world. My brother had been gone four years. My immediate family had fully disowned me and become members of that cult, you know the one. I had no work because of quarantine. And I was recovering from a major surgery.

Then some distant cousins decided to make a change. Introductions were made. A Facebook group was created. And suddenly I had a family again. Not just a group of people who I shared some DNA with, but a group of people who shared many passions and values with me. People that I’m excited to know and call family. One of the new-to-me cousins was Erin.

Over the past four years, we’ve grown closer as we discover all of the things we have in common. And when Erin and her husband Cody announced that they were expecting, a grand adventure was planned. Because there’s no baby on the planet who is luckier than Knox Everett. No baby who’s more wanted and loved. And that’s worth celebrating.

So Erin and Cody traveled to Lake Rabun, and we played and laughed. We went to the farmer’s market, had delicious biscuits and boiled peanuts, and did all the fun things you do with your southern cousins. They humored me while I dragged out my big camera and made proper portraits. And we just enjoyed being together and celebrating this transition to the next chapter in their lives.

Today I want to thank Les, Gina, Terry, Anne, Trista, Kristin and Corvus, and Erin and Cody. Thank you for being my family. You’re all amazing and I’m proud to be a member of this family. I cannot wait to meet my new baby cousin.

PS, Erin is a Stevie Nicks and Taylor Swift fan. Can you spot the references?

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