Elegant Cator Woolford Gardens Wedding in Atlanta

A queer couple takes a moment to cuddle in the gardens during their wedding portraits at Atlanta's Cator Woolford Gardens

Today I want to tell you the story of Anna and Jessica. They were married on a perfect spring day in the company of their happiest and most loving family and friends at Atlanta’s gorgeous Cator Woolford Gardens.

When I asked them how they met, Jessica told me, “We met while working on Senator Elizabeth Warren’s presidential campaign in South Carolina in 2019. We both were on the organizing team in different regions of the state, and would see each other about once every 1-2 weeks at work gatherings in the state headquarters office. We both learned later that we pretty immediately caught each other’s eye, but it took us a few months to build up the confidence to actually talk to each other one on one. It was a forbidden love of sorts after-all, as we were not supposed to date within the team.”

She continues, “But one night after work with our colleagues, we found ourselves near each other and struck up conversation. The sensation that followed was undeniable- it felt like we were all alone in the crowded bar, complete tunnel vision just focused on each other. We talked the night away and held onto that spark, and from there on out we were pretty much inseparable, driving back and forth to each other after work every chance we got, until the campaign came to a close after Super Tuesday in March 2020 and our next chapter began.”

One of the best things about this job is the incredible people I meet. There are a lot of unsung heroes walking among us. People like park rangers, veterinarians, and social workers. People like Anna and Jessica, who are dedicated to making the world better for everyone. And for me, it’s the best fairy tale of all when they find each other and fall in love.

Congratulations Anna and Jessica. You are perfect together. Thank you for an incredible day.

Anna and Jessica’s Creative Team

Venue: Cator Woolford Gardens https://www.catorwoolfordgardens.org/ 
Hair & makeup: Jade Jamrozy https://www.jjroze.com/ 
Rings: Brilliant Earth https://www.brilliantearth.com/ 
Florist: Ellandrea Design www.ellandreadesign.com 
Catering: Farm Burger https://www.farmburger.com/catering 
Yard game rentals: Triangle Yard Games https://www.trianglelawngames.com/ 
Day-of coordinator and DJ: Rivet Events https://www.rivetevents.com/ 
Cocktail Hour Piano Player: Jennifer Blaske / Piano Jenny https://www.pianojenny.com/ 
Wedding cake: Publix https://www.publix.com/products-services/bakery/wedding-special-occasions 

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