Northern Alabama Farm Engagement Photos | Mary and Jared

Today I want to introduce you to Mary and Jared. They’re getting married in a few short months, so they wanted some engagement photos too. Since I’m always excited to make engagement photos with our couples, we planned a special outing to Mary’s grandmother’s family farm in northern Alabama, luckily just before the weather turned Arctic. We met up and had lunch with Mary’s grandmother (which was amazing y’all, she made home made pimento cheese and tomato aspic and potato salad, and if you’re Southern you know how heavenly that is), then we headed out to the farm to revel in the gorgeous afternoon sunlight. Mary and Jared are the kind of people who never stop laughing, and they never stop telling hilarious stories. They had me laughing so hard that I had tears in my eyes more than once. But the thing that they did that was simultaneously adorable and hilarious was the double nose eyeglass adjustment. If you or your partner wear glasses, you know this. When you’re face to face and you or your partner use your nose to adjust the other’s eyeglasses. It’s one of those little things that couples do for each other. And it’s generally darn adorable, if you ask me. Anyway, take a look at some photos already.
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