Opelika Alabama Farm Wedding | Miranda and Thomas

“I love you too but I’m going to mace you in the face” -from Darjeeling Limited, one of our very first dates and favorite movies

The first time I met Miranda and Thomas was when Miranda was a bridesmaid in Melanie and Ian’s wedding last October. It’s always interesting to see how a couple creates a wedding, but it’s even more interesting to see the similarities and differences in the weddings that best friends create for themselves. My primary take-away from both weddings is that this group of friends has the best weddings ever, and I want to hang out with them all the time.

Miranda and Thomas actually met in the 8th grade and “became good friends that did like the group hangouts and the weird like, play fighting that teens always do when they like each other. But nothing ever came of it, just unrequited teen crushes. Although I guess we’ve since both admitted they weren’t unrequited… Then we grew apart and weren’t really friends in high school until senior year when we had a class together. At the beginning of summer before college I called Thomas to hang out, kind of randomly because a lot of closer friends were out of town, we met up and had a lot of fun and from there we started spending a lot of time together! We finally made things official second semester of undergrad, and we’ve been together ever since. Its been a great 8 years and we’ve been through a lot together: two bachelors degrees, a 700+ mile move to Indiana, adoption of the greatest puppy in the world, two masters and an (almost) PhD! We’ve had countless trips and adventures along the way, from poutine in Montreal to margaritas in Santa Fe, and we cant wait to keep it going as husband and wife!”

“Christmas 2014, we picked out and cut and decorated our tree as always. On a random Thursday night soon after, Thomas tells me that the pickle ornament he bought had arrived and its hidden on the tree and I have to find it. (So theres this German tradition where theres a pickle ornament? And someone hides it on the tree and the rest of the family searches and the first to find it gets an extra present.). So I start searching for the pickle and I’m really struggling because “Its a really small pickle.” Thomas eventually helped me with the whole “hotter” or “colder” hints and I finally end up seeing the ring on one of the branches! I literally said “wait what is this for real?” and he laughed and he got on one knee and asked and I of course said yes”


Miranda and Thomas’ Creative Team

Dress: Kate Spade
Shoes: L.K. Bennett
Florist: The Flower Store 
Event Rentals: The Event Group
Caterer: Wilton’s Catering
Invitations: Rifle Paper Co
Officiant: Best Friend Ben
Cake: Best Friend Melanie

Amanda Summerlin

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