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Phalan: Gainesville Senior Portrait Session

gainesville ga senior portrait 3.jpg

Hello again Internet. This week, I’d like to introduce you to Phalan. We spent Saturday morning together creating her senior portraits, and it was so much fun. In fact, I was having such a great time making senior pictures of Phalan that I think I made her totally sick of me. But it was worth it, right? Anyway, Phalan agreed to tell us more about her so you wouldn’t have to listen to me yammer on… so here’s a few questions and answers about her, by her. Oh, and some photos by me.

gainesville ga senior portrait 2.jpg

What high school do you attend? I’m a senior at Gainesville High school where I have attended all four years.

gainesville ga senior portrait 1.jpg

How long have you studied ballet? I’ve studied ballet since I was three. My favorite dancing is the kind that really means something to people though. I like contemporary because it looks good if you really feel it and put everything you have into it.

gainesville ga senior portrait 4.jpg
gainesville ga senior portrait 5.jpg

What is your favorite music? My favorite music is the random alternative artist you find on itunes that no one else knows about.

gainesville ga senior portrait 6.jpg
gainesville ga senior portrait 7.jpg

What do you do for fun? I love to go take random adventures with friends where you have a camera and just drive around and record all the crazy moments.

gainesville ga senior portrait 4 (1).jpg

What’s your style? My style revolves around my mood. Sometimes grungy, sometimes cutesy with lots of bows but the shoes are always the key.

gainesville ga senior portrait 10.jpg
gainesville ga senior portrait 9.jpg
gainesville ga senior portrait 11.jpg
gainesville ga senior portrait 3 (1).jpg
gainesville ga senior portrait 12.jpg

What is an accomplishment that you are proud of? Although it might sound a little corny, I consider one of my greatest accomplishments my relationships with people. I tend to be a good listener and I don’t think that’s a quality all people possess.

gainesville ga senior portrait 13.jpg
gainesville ga senior portrait 14.jpg
gainesville ga senior portrait 16.jpg

Assuming you plan to grow up (and it is optional- just look at me), what are you going to be? I’m all about seizing the opportunities. So right now my path is more typical; college, social work degree.. however, I am really considering moving out to New York and auditioning for Broadway shows as a dancer.

gainesville ga senior portrait 2 (1).jpg

And there you have it dear Internet. In case you didn’t notice, this is someone to look out for. Because she’s all modest, she didn’t mention that she’s already a phenomenally accomplished dancer. Remember, you saw her here first.

And thanks Phalan for sharing your special time with me. It was really a lot of fun to work with someone as creative as you are, and I sincerely wish you all kinds of amazing good fortune on your journey through life.

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