Richmond Virginia Anniversary Photos | Amanda and Lauren

Today I have something really special to share with you. It’s a different kind of celebration than we usually have around here, but we all need extra things to celebrate these days. These two beautiful humans are Amanda and Lauren, and it’s their 10th anniversary!

Amanda and Lauren have a special place in my heart. The first time I met them was in California when I photographed their friends’ wedding and we hit it off. They were engaged and decided that they wanted me to photograph their wedding too. However, by the time we met again to make their engagement photos, my life had been turned upside down and I was looking to make a big change. Deep in grief over the loss of my brother, I needed to push my work to have more depth and meaning. When I suggested that we make their engagement photos in a way that I’d never tried before, they said yes without hesitation. Those photos we made that day are still some of my all time best work.

Knowing them better now, I’m beginning to understand why the camera loves them so much. There’s something very special about them and the way they are together. Their connection is the kind that everyone dreams about having. Ten years after their first date, and four years after their wedding, they are more deeply in love than ever. You can see it the way they look at each other and hear it in the way they talk to each other. They draw strength from each other and they give strength to each other. They are confident in their love and that confidence is a source of strength. If you know them, you already know all of these things and it’s why you love being near them as much as I do. But they don’t just treat each other with gigantic love and respect and compassion, they treat everyone that way. And so when I show up with my cameras, they give me all their trust. They let me see who they are and they let me show you who they are.

So today I want to thank Amanda and Lauren for trusting me and my cameras so many times, and for becoming my friends. You really are an inspiration.

Happy 10th Anniversary Lauren and Amanda!

Amanda Summerlin

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