Sassafras Springs Vineyard Wedding in Springdale Arkansas | Amy and Hyatt

Today I’d like to tell you the story of Amy and Hyatt’s beautiful sunset winter wedding at The Chapel Ruins at Sassafras Springs Vineyard in Springdale, Arkansas. Amy and Hyatt are one of those special and rare couples who were high school sweethearts. In fact, they’ve been a couple for nearly 13 years now. They met when Hyatt was a soccer captain and she was the Habitat for Humanity president. In Hyatt’s words, here’s a little more about the two of them.

How did you know Amy was the one for you? I used to think there was/would be one moment of realization. She was a perfect match for my interests in high school. However, my interests kept changing, and so did hers. So for us, it’s a lot of moments. Every time I want to start a new adventure, whether cooking/MMA/football/video games/hiking/crabbing/or more, she accepts instantly. I do the same for her, and it’s exciting to have someone that doesn’t care about what you will embark on. They just want to go there with you.

How did you get engaged? Christmas of 2013 I started planning. Early 2014, I appealed to Amy’s idea of having more pictures of us, and me wanting to communicate with my grandmother who doesn’t speak English. Amy knows I dabble in photography, and I proposed that we could buy a new camera; and every now and then take pictures of me/us to send to my grandmother. From the beginning to the end of 2014, I did my best to pose as letters of “Will you marry me” in various pictures (with many unassuming pictures between). So Amy unknowingly helped me write my proposal to her over the year. For Christmas of 2014, I shared my pictures with my family in a slideshow like we often do, and the proposal was spelled out in front of family.

Amy and Hyatt’s Creative Team

Jane Hsieh, NobleEngagements (event coordinator)
Angela Dinh (makeup)
Sassafras Springs Vineyard (venue)
Brock Entertainment (DJ)
Off the Rails Barbecue (food)
Green Submarine (vegetarian food)
Eventures (rentals)

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