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black and white film photo of country musician James Burkett

“What I hated about digital was the plasticity of it: Everything looks alike. Big SLRs are so sharp and crystal clear, and life doesn’t feel like that to me. Life is grainier; life is noisier. And in digital, noise has been labeled as bad. I don’t think it’s bad.”  -Jeff Jacobson


It’s funny what you find when you start cleaning . . .

So, I was in my studio last week, procrastinating doing something so minor that I can’t even remember it right now, when I started cleaning.  You know, like you do when you’re avoiding doing something even more dull.  (What?!?  What can be more boring than cleaning?  Is this possible?  This must defy the laws of physics or psychics or phyllo or something…. ok.  I’m done.  Sorry.)

As I decluttered our shipping area, I found some rolls of film that hadn’t been processed yet.  After a good soaking in all the proper soups, this is what emerged.  Turns out that I got so distracted by the digital images I made of James for his musician photography session, and making the groovy little video slideshow with James singing Ol’ Red (my favorite song on his demo), that this roll of black and white film slipped my mind.  The good news is that James is family, so he has to forgive me.

The Yashica has been a good little camera, and I’ve been shooting with it for many years now.  The square frame is always fun to work with.  Using film is a more thoughtful process than digital.  The barely perceptible click of the shutter, the ratcheting of the winder, and the friendly little clunk of the next frame settling into place are physical barriers to spray and pray and they force you to slow down.  A roll of 120mm film in the Yashica is 12 frames if you’re really careful when you load the film, but usually only 11.  Every time you press the shutter, you’ve spent a couple of dollars.

When I’m shooting digital, I’ll shoot 50 photos in the time it took me to shoot these 10 frames of film.  But with film, after about 5 or 6 frames (or less), I’m ready to move on to the next thing.  In this case, I finished the roll because I didn’t want to leave the film in the camera to warp (When we made these photos, I was minutes from getting in the car and driving home).

Wedding season starts in a few short weeks.  The big calendar on the wall is covered in flags.  It’s gonna be an awesome year.  But before we get all covered up in weddings, I’ll be showing you a couple more film shoots and some other cool stuff.

For the camera geeks, the technical info on this is that I shot this on my Yashica-Mat twin-lens camera using 120mm Kodak T-Max 100 at f3.5.  Shutter speed was 125-250.

Annnnnd, if you didn’t do it already, scroll back up and click on that link that takes you to see James’ slideshow so you can hear him sing.  I double-pinky-swear you will be impressed by his voice.



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