St. Luke’s Chapel, Charleston, SC Wedding | Katie and Dan

“I’ll be the sun; you be the shining. You be the clock; I’ll be the timing. You be the book; I’ll be the binding. You be the words; I’ll be the rhyming.” – Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeroes

And so, for our grand finale of 2014 comes the best wedding of all, Katie and Dan’s emotional day of beginnings and farewell-for-nows. I’ve been a fan of Katie for quite some time now. I met her back in 2012 at her brother Doug’s wedding to Joy in the gorgeous North Carolina mountains. Right away I noticed that she brought amazing energy into any room she entered. Katie just has this big amazing smile and a welcoming aura that makes you want to be her friend. A few months later, there she was again at Erin and James’ gorgeous Charleston wedding on the salt marsh. The next time I saw Katie, at Jessica and John’s downtown Charleston wedding, she had this really cute guy with her. She pulled me aside and told me the next wedding I’d see her at would be her own. A few months ago, Katie and Dan and I spent an afternoon wandering around North Charleston making some super fun and artistic engagement photos, and I got a chance to get to know this Dan guy. Turns out, he’s pretty darn cool. They’ve got this amazing balance of yin and yang going on that just makes sense. She’s kind of a creative free spirit, and he’s got this engineer-y analyzing thing going. As she described it, she dreams it, he builds it. That’s about as perfect as it gets. Soon, they’re headed off on a big adventure to live in Germany for a couple of years, so you’ll be hearing more from them since Katie promises to keep a blog, and I absolutely intend to follow along. But first, let’s take a look at some wedding photos.


Katie and Dan’s Creative Team

Florist- Lilian Peterson 
Reception Venue & Catering – Cottage on the Creek 
Wedding DJ – Wayne Lee  
Wedding musicians – Andrew Mille with Classical Charleston (wedding musicians) 

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