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“You must be the change that you wish to see in the world.” – Mahatma Gandhi

Today we are enjoying a few photos from Tory and Nano’s beautiful sunny wedding overlooking the Hood Canal just outside Seattle.  If Tory and Nano look familiar to you, that’s because you have met them already.  Tory and Nano are the winners of our 2013 Nice People Wedding Photography Giveaway.  And they really are as nice as a couple can be.  To learn a little more about them, take a moment to go read the letter they wrote to enter the giveaway.  We’ll wait.

See?  They are totally amazing and giving.  They’re also darn fun to hang out with.  Tory is full of laughter and joy, and Nano is a little bit quiet, but you can always see how connected they are.  But, you know, as neat as Tory and Nano are, they wouldn’t be the people they are if they hadn’t had the support and love of their amazing families.  In fact, everyone I met at the wedding was pretty darn awesome.  Because awesome attracts awesome.  It’s just simple math… err.. science…. err… physics?  One of those.

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And, if you thought those photos were sweet, just check out the slideshow below to see even more…

So now you know how the world’s nicest couple has the world’s sweetest wedding.  Oh, and you also know how cute a beagle is in a bowtie.  Because you were wondering.  And now I want to thank Tory and Nano and all your family and friends for choosing to have me be a part of your beautiful day, and for taking such good care of me while I was with you.  I genuinely enjoyed my time with all of you, and I know you will go far, Tory and Nano.  Keep dreaming, and more importantly, keep being the change.


Tory and Nano’s Creative Team

Venue: Kitsap Memorial State Park (
Baker: Bella Bella Cupcakes (
Food: Central Market (
Invitations: Citrus Press Co. (
Bride’s Dress: J Crew
Groom’s Suit: H&M
Make-up/Hair: Seaport Salon and Spa (



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