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We Have Finalists!: Free Wedding Photography Giveaway

Nice people kick ass free photography giveaway

Meet the Nice Finalists

Good morning Internet!  Today I have the pleasure of introducing you to The Just For Nice People, Kick Ass, Free Wedding Photography Giveaway finalists!  The finalists are the three couples who pestered the most family, friends, and random people at the grocery store into voting for them.  They worked hard and got lots of votes in the past week, and now I have the incredibly hard job of figuring out who I can do the best job for.  I’ll be meeting them all this week and learning more about how awesome they are.  In the meantime, you can meet them here.


Meet Kamille and Ted.  They are nice.

Kamille and Ted

My name is Kamille and my fiancé’s name is Ted.  We’re nice people because we’ve both been serving overseas in the military.  We’ve actually spent the majority of our relationship apart because of it.  I am in the Air Force, and have been stationed in Germany since 2010.  Ted is in the Army and spent most of 2011 deployed to Afghanistan.  When he got back, I was able to fly home to spend some time with him.  Just enough time for him to propose, and then a few days later I was back to Germany, and just a couple weeks after that I was deployed.

I would say that we both do this not just because of patriotism or freedom for our country, but for the people that we work with on a daily basis.  Ted is a company commander, and I have seen him take care of his people as if they were his own family, even heading to the hospital on a moment’s notice, in the middle of the night, when one of his soldiers was in an accident.  He’s done things like this multiple times, working hours overtime.  It’s amazing that he still finds the time to Skype with me almost every day.

We’d love to be considered as part of your contest.

Kamille & Ted



Meet Deirdre and Eric.  They are nice.

Deidre and Eric

I am writing to submit an entry for the Wedding Photography Giveaway.  Instead of submitting myself, however, I am submitting my sister, Deirdre, and her fiance Eric.  The thing with those two is that I think they are too nice to even think they are nice enough to win a contest like this.  They are, however.  For starters, Deirdre is a nurse in the Medical Intensive Care Unit at NYU Hospital in New York.  Eric is a New York City Firefighter.  Every day in their jobs they are amazingly kind to strangers in their time of need.  That’s just the start of it though.  My sister has always been incredibly nice.  Her senior year of college, I was starting grad school in the same city she was in.  She let me live with her and her roommates in her apartment for two months because I had leased an apartment in a new building, and construction was delayed.  She then spent the entire year I was there sharing her friends with me, including me in all of their fun, and really making a new, somewhat scary city feel like home.  She’s always been that way.  Even though she spent three and a half years working the night shift as a nurse, and needed to sleep during the day, she would still offer to come pick me up at the airport in the middle of the day when everyone else was at work.  It seems like a small thing, but it would be like me picking someone up at 3am–which I am just not nice enough to do.  Additionally, her fiance Eric is equally nice. The first 2 years he and Deirdre were dating, he travelled to visit her in Boston frequently without complaining, even surprise-visiting her on the 2 birthdays she celebrated there. He volunteers his time and skiing skills with the Adaptive Program at Windham Mountain, teaching children with disabilities to ski, and Wounded Warriors to ski again!  He puts up with our crazy family.  He is the guy who cooks massive amounts of food for our family parties.  He invited me and my girlfriend to join the two of them on vacation last fall (which was days after they got engaged!).  He asked our two younger brothers to serve as groomsmen in the wedding.  In a million different ways his kindness just shines through every time you are around him.

I don’t know of any two people who are more deserving of this.  They truly are nice in both little and extraordinary ways.

Thank you for your consideration.




Meet Francine and Alan.  They are nice.

Francine and Alan

My name is Francine and my fiance’s name is Alan. We are getting married sometime this summer, any time after June, honestly. That’s when I sit for my nurse practitioner boards. We live in Columbus, Ohio. We don’t have a venue yet, but we’re working on that! 🙂 I heard about this contest through A Practical Wedding. Love that site! And I am a new fan of your photography… I love your style! I added your blog to my Google reader about two posts into reading your archives 🙂

So, Alan and I are laid-back but ambitious. At first that may seem contradictory, but it’s quite true. We are a very chill couple, but our desire is to change the world. I became a nurse because it is a tangible way to love on people who often feel pretty defeated due to a medical condition (or a family member’s medical condition). I find my job to be very fulfilling, even if I have to dig a little deeper on the rough days 🙂

Alan is a computer programmer. He works for a large private company whose main business is innovation. However, climbing the corporate ladder is not his passion. He wants to find practical ways to help people through his computer skills. In fact, he spent around six months in Kenya a couple years ago volunteering at a hospital focusing on fixing their outdated computer system as well as developing plans for a future system. He also did on-the-job training for their IT staff so they would be better equipped to handle the day-to-day issues after he came back to the US.

All that to say: I am almost finished with my nursing graduate program at Ohio State. In June of this year I will be a licensed Family Nurse Practitioner. After getting married this summer, we plan on living in Ohio for one more year while I gain some work experience, then we will apply for jobs with NGOs who work in east Africa (preferably Burundi, where my parents are from and where my extended family still lives). We would like to get jobs where we can be of use in helping underserved individuals, as opposed to helping some company’s bottom line.

We’re nice people and we’d love to have you as our wedding photographer, if you would have us 🙂 Thank you for holding this contest. It was fun to write this up and remember one more reason why I love Alan so much and why we’re so good for each other!



PS. I attached a couple pictures from the engagement party my family threw for us last month. The first one is out of focus but completely sums up what we’re like together. We’re wearing African clothes in both of them, at my family’s request. Alan is a good sport and didn’t mind in the least! But I figured I should explain what the heck was going on 🙂


And those are the finalists.  Check back next Tuesday to meet the winners of The Just For Nice People, Kick Ass, Free Wedding Photography Giveaway.  Also, keep an eye on me this week.  There’s some cool stuff happening this week.

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