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So you know, my job is pretty much summed up as “Go meet awesome people and make them laugh and take their picture.”  There’s some other stuff I do too, like surf Pinterest and eat potato chips, but that’s really the main thing I do.  And it’s been a busy month of doing that (meeting cool people, not eating potato chips).  I’ve lost track of how many cool people I’ve met, but what I haven’t lost track of is all the neat things that make each of them really interesting and fun.  For instance, this is Whitney and Austin.  Whitney has the most beautiful southern accent I’ve ever heard and delivers the funniest jokes and one liners in an incredibly deadpan voice.  Austin is a student of southern history and talks about it in such a way that you can’t help but want to know more.  They are getting married in December at Trinity Episcopal Cathedral in Columbia, South Carolina (that’s the church you see in the background).  Whitney and Austin decided they’d like to have a wedding portrait session before their actual wedding day so they could spend more time with their family and friends on wedding day and less time with me, which is incredibly smart if you ask me.  Of course, you can’t see those photos until after the wedding, but you can see a few of the photos we made in their street clothes while walking around the church and the Capitol grounds (trivia fact: Columbia is the state capital of South Carolina, and I probably used capital and capitol right, but I’m not sure).  Another fun trivia fact is that the tree you see them leaning against in the cemetery next to the church is a giant oak tree considered to be located in the exact center of the state.columbia south carolina engagement photo portraits-8columbia south carolina engagement photo portraits-1columbia sc engagement pictures

This last image I had a little fun with, so I hope y’all will humor me a little.  The sun is so gorgeous in the afternoon this time of year, so I’m always looking for a better way to express that visually.  The golden light combined with the vibe from the little bit of retro style that Whitney and Austin were rocking made me really want to embellish this photo in a more *ahem* vintage kind of way… but I forgive me because I think it works.  Feel free to chime in and let me know what you think.  Oh, and naturally, I’ll also be delivering a clean edit of the image as well.

And that, dear internet, is a brief preview of Whitney and Austin.  Be sure to tune in again in a couple of months to see the rest of the shoot and their awesome wedding photos (did I mention that Trinity Episcopal is a Gothic Revival church and is crazy gorgeous inside?).  Thanks Whitney and Austin for spending the afternoon with me, and for being brave and standing in the tall grass even after I mentioned snakes.  You guys are pretty amazing, and I can’t wait for your wedding!



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