Zombies Make The Best Bridesmaids: Zombie Trash The Dress

trash the dress zombie comic

“Boomstick:  $199.99.  Shells:  $39.99.  Zombies heads blowing off:  Priceless.”  – Ash (Bruce Campbell), Evil Dead

Or is it Bridesmaids Make the Best Zombies….

Hello Internet.  I know it’s been a long time since we’ve talked, but honest, I’ve been working on a lot of cool stuff.  See?  This is one of the cool things I was working on.  Do you remember Sharie and Chris from their wedding in Decatur at The Solarium in September?  Sharie had originally intended to do a cool bridal portrait session before the wedding, but things just got complicated.  Which turned out to be an awesome problem.  Because we decided to do a Trash the Dress instead.

When I asked Sharie how she wanted to trash her dress, and explained that we didn’t even have to trash it, we could just look all naughty while keeping it perfectly safe, Sharie said playing it safe was just not her style.  Then she said she wanted to do it zombie style.  What’s a photographer to say?  Well, what I said was, “Woo-hooo!  Hell yeah!”  (That’s not a direct quote…. well, it might be.)

trash the dress zombie comic

trash the dress with zombies comic

trash the dress with zombies comic

trash the dress with zombies comic

trash the dress zombie comic centerfold

trash the dress zombie comic

trash the dress zombie comic

trash the dress zombie comic

zombie trash the dress comic

zombie trash the dress comic

So how’s that for a weekend of goofing off with the coolest people in the world at a campground in south Georgia?  Not too shabby, right?

Also, in case you’re wondering where you’ve heard all that witty dialogue before, I borrowed all of it from the Evil Dead series of movies.  Long live Bruce Campbell.

Thanks to Sharie and Chris, Kim and Tom, Brandy and Greg, and Dave for a really awesome weekend.  See you guys at Dead of Winter!

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