Megan and Sean Have Something To Tell You

This is Megan and Sean.  They are awesome.  True story.  If they look familiar, it’s probably because you either:  a) know them personally, or because b) you remember them from their gorgeous Memphis wedding last year.  Not long ago, Megan and Sean contacted me and asked if I would meet them in Savannah to make photos for their one year anniversary.  Of course I was thrilled to do so.  And then they told me they had a special little something to share with everyone.  So without any more delay, Megan and Sean would like to tell you a little something…

And that, dear internetz, is the most awesome news you will hear all day long.  Two of our favorite people will soon be three of our favorite people.  Life is very good.  Congratulations Megan and Sean.  You are amazing.


Amanda Summerlin

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